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Software Engineer


About Me

I am a software engineer with multiple years of working experience developing full-stack web applications and android native apps. As a developer at Audible I am expanding upon my skills and knowledge. Professionally, I'm passionate about constantly learning new technologies, techniques, or algorithms that will make the programs I write faster, more scalable, and more maintainable.

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Casey Idzikowski


University of Wisconsin Madison

B.S Geosciences


May 2020

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I assisted a then Ph.D. candidate, now Postdoc, in a 6 week long geologic field season in Western Australia. This fieldwork led to 2 years of independent undergraduate research culminating in a poster presentation at Geologic Society of America 2019. Studying geoscience has provided me with a strong interdisciplinary education.


Software Development Engineer I

Audible, an Amazon company


August 2022 - Present

At Audible, I am working as a software development engineer, mainly as an Android developer. I am gaining the skills and knowledge to grow my career.

Associate Research Specialist

Macrostrat, University of Wisconsin Madison


February 2021 - July 2022

As an Associate Research Specialist, I am applying my expertise in software development to solving data workflow problems. I am the lead developer on 2 full-stack web applications for streamlining data acquisition and I am leading database design on core data infrastructure. My responsibilities have grown to include updating existing codebases to industry standards and creating and maintaining coding libraries.

Research Intern

Macrostrat, University of Wisconsin Madison


May 2020 - February 2021

As a research intern, I built upon my programming knowledge from my previous position. With JavaScript and React.js I helped develop the frontend of a lab-data management software called Sparrow, an NSF-funded project. My role as a developer quickly expanded beyond frontend to encompass a python backend RestAPI, python-database workflows, and managing/editing a PostgreSQL database.

Student Worker

Macrostrat, University of Wisconsin Madison


May 2019 - May 2020

As a Student Worker at the University of Wisconsin Madison, I used Python to analyze and manipulate a large dataset of archival metadata for geochemical lab. I collected my work into a set of jupyter notebooks which are now featured on the Sparrow documentation website.



  • Kotlin
  • TypeScript
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML
  • Frameworks

  • Android
  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • FastAPI
  • Styling

  • CSS
  • SASS
  • Stylus
  • Tools

  • GIT
  • Docker
  • Check out my recent projects!


    BirdsEye is aimed at editing GeoJSON polygons while keeping topology. This app uses client-side interactions for geometry editing and backend logic for Topology enforcement. This application is built using Python, NodeJS, TypeScript, and PostgreSQL.


    Sparrow is a data system for geochemical labs. Sparrow provides tools for labs to manage their data and its geological context. It also provides interfaces to allow third parties (community archives or Earth models) to request data directly from the labs.

    Psql Auth

    A proof of concept for creating a custom authorization system that is database centered. Includes several PSQL functions for an authentication API and Table Policies enforcing Row Level Security based on a custom web-user authorization schema.

    Macrostrat Web

    Macrostrat Web is the public facing side of Macrostrat. This interfect is the geographical visualization of geological data in Macrostrat, Paleobio-Database, and xDD. This interface highlights the power of community level data sharing and the possible visualizations.

    xDD Term Linkage

    By harrnessing the power of xDD, this application allows users to link terms for a given paper. Through the interface a user can browse already tracked terms in xDD and search for new ones. Users can view terms in paper context using the xDD API.

    Wurlde Clone

    A clone of the very popular word guessing game Wordle! All code is original!